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Glenn L. Robertson has been specializing in family law in Santa Barbara and Ventura counties for over 20 years. Through the years, his stature as a divorce and child custody attorney has evolved into preeminence, allowing him to attract the most discriminating clients in Santa Maria, Summerland, Carpinteria, Lompoc, Ventura and throughout the region. Because family law matters involve significant financial and emotional stakes, he relies upon a team of experts in the fields of psychology and forensic accounting to provide his sophisticated clientele with top quality representation.

Board Certification in family law—the mark of success

There are less than 20 Board Certified Family Law Attorneys in Santa Barbara County. Board Certification is a rigorous process that only the most committed and experienced attorneys attempt. To be Board Certified in family law, the attorney must demonstrate substantial experience in divorce and child custody trial work, knowledge in tax matters related to divorce, training in psychology and counseling, and expertise in a variety of related family law matters. Further, he or she must complete advanced education courses in family law and pass a difficult exam testing one’s knowledge in a broad range of divorce and child custody issues. Santa Barbara divorce attorney Glenn L. Robertson’s commitment to earning his Board Certification is indicative of his drive for excellence. His personal standards for achievement translate to a successful law practice.

Glenn L. Robertson—a litigation leader in family law

While Glenn L. Robertson advocates mediation and collaborative law as alternatives to litigation in certain circumstances, he recognizes that litigation yields the best results for many of his clients. A widely respected trial lawyer, he has a reputation for being aggressive, meticulous with details, and determined. He knows that thorough preparation of the family law case is the key to a successful outcome.

Glenn L. Robertson handles litigation and negotiation in the following areas:

Contact an experienced Santa Barbara lawyer to ensure your interests are protected

There is too much at stake to hire just any attorney to handle your divorce, child custody or other family law matter. Select an attorney with the knowledge, experience and dedication necessary to ensure your interests are represented and protected. Contact Glenn L. Robertson online or by phone at his Santa Barbara office at 805-963-3535 for a free initial consultation. Evening and weekend appointments are available upon request.


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