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Experienced Santa Barbara Lawyer Handles Child Support Issues

Board-certified California family law specialist assists parents

After parents of minor children break up, establishing and enforcing appropriate child support terms is a vital concern. Located in Santa Barbara, attorney Glenn L. Robertson delivers thorough counsel in all types of child support matters. Whether you’re going through a divorce or were never married to your co-parent, Mr. Robertson — certified as a specialist in family law by the California Board of Legal Specialization — works diligently to ensure that the court has complete, accurate information and that unnecessary conflicts are avoided. In proceedings relating to initial rates as well as in modification and nonpayment actions, Mr. Robertson uses his knowledge and experience to protect the rights of clients and their children.

Accomplished lawyer explains factors used to set child support rates

As a family law attorney with more than 30 years of experience, Glenn L. Robertson can outline the factors that go into the determination of California child support rates, such as:

  • Parents’ income — How much each parent earns is crucial to setting a child support amount that comports with state law. If a concern exists about the accuracy of information or about assets that might not be apparent, Mr. Robertson will bring the relevant evidence to the court’s attention.
  • Time spent in each home — To set a child support rate properly, it is vital to understand how much time a son or daughter will spend residing in each parent’s home.
  • Current and prospective living standards — Children whose parents have broken up are already dealing with a traumatic disruption of their lives. To help ease the transition, courts look at a child’s standard of living and interests when deciding how much payment should go from one parent to the other.

Usually, payments must be made until a child graduates from high school or turns 19 years old. If a child is disabled, support can be required into adulthood. Attorney Glenn L. Robertson will help you understand how the law applies in your situation and can also advise on related matters, such as the funding of higher education costs.

Dedicated advocate takes on enforcement cases if payment disputes exist

Serving residents throughout Santa Barbara and Ventura, including Santa Maria, Summerland, Carpinteria and Lompoc, Mr. Robertson provides strong legal support in situations where a recipient parent is alleging a paying parent has failed to meet their obligations under the order. Possible sanctions in enforcement actions can include:

  • Contempt — Often, effective representation from an experienced family law advocate can resolve child support disputes before judicial action is necessary. When that’s not possible, Glenn L. Robertson initiates and opposes contempt proceedings that arise from alleged nonpayment.
  • Garnishment — Orders for child support include a provision that assigns income to cover child support payments. When a father or mother is noncompliant, bank accounts can be frozen and wages can be garnished in order to fulfill their legal obligations.
  • License revocation — The California Department of Child Support services can revoke professional licenses and driving privileges of parents who have not met their child support obligations.

In extreme cases, criminal charges can be brought against nonpaying parents. To avoid serious consequences that could harm you and your child, it’s important to obtain qualified legal counsel.

Knowledgeable adviser represents clients in modification actions

As lives and jobs change, a child support order that once was appropriate might present an unfair hardship. Modifications are permitted, but these must be approved by the court. Income changes, job shifts, medical conditions and new homes can justify adjustments to child support terms under California law. Attorney Glenn L. Robertson helps parents seeking or opposing a rate adjustment to understand whether the request is likely to be accepted. Whether you and your co-parent agree on revised terms, or if you need a strong family advocate to argue your side before a judge, Mr. Robertson can prepare the strongest case possible.

Contact a skillful California lawyer for a consultation regarding a child support matter

Attorney Glenn L. Robertson represents Californians in child support proceedings and other family law matters. Please call 833-568-3544 or schedule an appointment online to discuss your issue at his Santa Barbara office. Evening and weekend appointments are available on request.


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