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The Role of the Collaborative Law Attorney in Family Disputes

Divorce is one of the most difficult times of life, and can easily spiral out of control, leaving parties bitterly angry and locked in a lengthy court battle. However, there is a viable alternative that can ease the dissolution of your marriage. It is called collaborative divorce. A skilled collaborative law attorney can help you through the divorce process in a much more peaceful and friendly fashion.

A trained lawyer can represent you in a collaborative divorce

Parties that elect to use collaborative divorce in lieu of traditional divorce can dissolve their marriage amicably. To begin the process, a trained Santa Barbara family law attorney can draw up a contract in which the divorcing parties agree to openly communicate with each other and share information to negotiate a mutually acceptable agreement while avoiding a court proceeding. Throughout the collaborative process, your attorney is present to lead the course of action, facilitate negotiations, advise you of your rights and duties, and ensure that both you and your spouse meet all legal requirements. Each party to the divorce has a collaborative lawyer.

Family lawyers trained in collaborative law know the proper experts to hire, including child experts, financial specialists, and divorce coaches, all of whom share the goal of reaching a peaceful resolution. Rather than fueling a bitter adversarial process, our Santa Barbara attorneys work together to help their clients resolve the divorce constructively and can settle issues such as child or spousal support and visitation.

Our Santa Barbara legal team can answer your questions about the collaborative process

If you have questions about the collaborative divorce process, do not hesitate to discuss them with our Santa Barbara County attorneys.

Glenn L. Robertson has the type of experience and training that can be of great help to you. He is a member of several collaborative practice organizations, including the Santa Barbara Collaborative Law Group and the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals, and has helped many clients resolve their divorces amicably and collaboratively. Contact Glenn L. Robertson, Attorney at Law, at 833-568-3544 or using the online contact form.


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