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How to File for Divorce in California

Santa Barbara Certified Family Law Specialist helps clients move ahead

Divorce is a personal challenge that is often very emotional. However, to protect your rights and give you the best chance of moving forward successfully, you need to handle numerous legal requirements with a clear head. If your marriage is ending, Santa Barbara divorce attorney Glenn L. Robertson is a Certified Family Law Specialist who can guide you through each stage of the dissolution process in an effective, professional manner. Since 1995, his firm has helped clients in Santa Barbara and Ventura counties emerge from a difficult situation with their legal rights and well-being intact. Whether your breakup is amicable or marked by bitter feuding, Glenn L. Robertson will review your options thoroughly and help you proceed with confidence.

Skillful attorney assists clients throughout the dissolution process

Each divorce, like each marriage, is unique. As an experienced family law practitioner, attorney Glenn L. Robertson delivers individualized counsel for important tasks, such as:

  • Understanding residency requirements — To file for divorce in California, either you or your spouse must have lived in the state for at least six months and at least three months in the county where you file for dissolution.
  • Filing and service — A spouse seeking a divorce must file in the county where at least one of them resides by submitting a completed petition to dissolve the marriage, along with proof that a summons was delivered to the other party. Once papers are legally served, a waiting period of at least six months must pass before the divorce is final. If you and your spouse are parents to a minor child, relevant child custody and visitation forms should be filed as well.
  • Submitting financial disclosures — Parties to a divorce are legally bound to provide detailed financial information to provide the basis for decisions on community property and other matters. Forms include the Income and Expense Declaration and the Schedule of Assets and Debts.
  • Choosing a method of divorce — Collaborative divorce is a process that enables people to resolve key issues in a cooperative environment. By combining information and retaining experts to address financial issues and other matters, you can save money, reduce stress and preserve your privacy. If mediation, arbitration or traditional courtroom litigation serves your interests better, Mr. Robertson delivers comprehensive advocacy from start to finish.

Taking the initiative gives you the best chance to manage the divorce on your terms and secure a fair result for you and your children. In a free initial consultation, Mr. Robertson gives you the assistance you need to get started.

Advocate explains how the so-called 10-year rule affects spousal support

Many Californians presume that the “10-year rule” mandates permanent spousal support when a marriage lasting at least a decade ends. However, the actual application of the standard is more complicated. When a union lasts fewer than 10 years, the court maintains jurisdiction over spousal support decisions for a period equal to half the duration of the union. For example, after an eight-year marriage, the court would control alimony determinations for four years. This might mean that spousal support lasts four years unless the recipient spouse remarries. It also enables courts to make adjustments to the alimony terms or even eliminate required payments if circumstances change during that timeframe. If a marriage lasts 10 years or longer, a judge can modify or cancel spousal support arrangements for the remainder of the parties’ lives. Attorney Glenn L. Robertson can examine your situation and help you understand what factors might affect an alimony determination.

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