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The Role of a Forensic Accountant in Family Law in Santa Barbara, CA

You have probably heard horror stories about spouses hiding assets in offshore accounts or diverting investment account funds without the other spouse’s knowledge. Divorce brings out the worst in everyone, but one of the most contentious aspects of a family law case is dividing the assets and establishing support payments for a spouse or child. People can be very creative and devious when it comes to protecting their assets and income from their spouses. Sometimes it takes an expert in forensic accounting to uncover the opposing party’s secrets.

Attorney Glenn L. Robertson knows that in many cases, forensic accounting is an essential element of preparing a family law case. The family law attorney is the expert in the law; an accountant is the expert in asset evaluation. What exactly does a forensic accountant do?

  • Trace and locate assets
  • Review business books to look for fraud
  • Interview individuals who have access to funds and books
  • Determine whether proper accounting methods have been used
  • Perform evaluations of assets
  • Verify economic losses
  • Coordinate other experts that are used to support the case

After the initial investigation, a forensic accountant may also be called upon to support further litigation efforts. The accountant works hand-in-hand with attorney Glenn L. Robertson to prepare for litigation. If there are significant assets at stake, discovery and litigation can be complicated and protracted. The role of forensic accounting is critical since success in litigation is often dependent upon the strength of each side’s experts.

Glenn L. Robertson engages the best forensic accountants from the Santa Barbara and Ventura County areas to assist him. The accountant is his advisor and associate who analyzes the financial documents produced in discovery, assists with depositions and other discovery requests, reviews the testimony and documents produced by the opposing experts, testifies at trial, assists with cross examination and helps with negotiation and settlement of the case.

Attorney Glenn L. Robertson engages the experts necessary to achieve success in your case

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